Some believe that dubbing - aka lip syncing - is the process of translating the original text and then re-recording it however this is not really the case.

Big Dubbing is a complex process that requires good preparation in an artistic atmosphere, in addition to integrity to ensure the delivery of the exact message of the original work.

Usually we start with translating the original text, then modify it to ensure that it sounds authentic to the native speaker of the translated language.
In addition, we might also need to localize some concepts to suit the new audience’s customs and traditions while maintaining the main messages of the original.

Now we re-edit the text so that the recorded new text is synchronized with the lip movement of the characters in the original.
Actors are then chosen according to voice quality, age, and sex..

Professional dubbing requires the availability of the latest audio recording technology, artistic know-how of the nature of this work, in addition to professional recording and mixing.

We apply these professional standards on dubbing projects whether they are animated movies or commercial ads.
Be sure that your needs will be accurately assessed and you will be provided with the optimal solution.

Based on this vision, DAVIREC has formed a huge team of artists, engineers, translators and writers who are able to get your work done perfectly no matter the challenges.

We invite you to listen to the recorded samples of DAVIREC's artists.

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